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[SHOW] 140408 RaNiA and Ladies’ Code on Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show

*This cut is missing the winner’s announcement but RaNiA won and will be moving on into the next round.

  Anonymous said:
The shape of her face compared recent pictures of her old are a little different there thought she could have done some plastic surgery.

Regarding her recent selca, i can see why you would say that. However it could just be weightloss; her weight, especially on her face, seems to yoyo a lot, plus the angles of her selcas/lighting and everything could give off the appearance of a slimmer jawline however if you compare it to recent images I’m more inclined to believe it was just makeup. I could be wrong, but either way it doesn’t matter right?

  Anonymous said:
t-ae recently did some plastic?

What gives you that idea?

140403 RaNiA @ Seo In Young Star Beauty Show (with Ladies’ Code) (4) / source: chulet123

(Source: 7raniagirls)

140403 RaNiA @ Seo In Young Star Beauty Show (with Ladies’ Code) (2) / source: seojy8353

  Anonymous said:
A picture of T-ae with EXO's Sehun would be really cute.. I guess? Please edit one.

Firstly, requests must be done through the submit box and secondly I have stopped doing crackship edits.